Walden – Intropial (Original Mix)

Hey, guys. Between Christmas vacation with the family and getting acquainted with my new class schedules (as I’m still in college), I haven’t really had much time to post anything new over the past few weeks, so for that, I owe you guys an apology. I’m free now and will be posting just as frequently as I used to. With all that been said, here’s an upcoming banger from Walden entitled, ‘Intropial’.

Intropial‘ has already gained massive support from the likes of Hardwell on his weekly ‘On Air‘ radio show and is the inspiration behind the 18 year-old producer’s current, ‘Intropial’ USA Tour. Following the closing of his tour, ‘Intropial’ will see the light of day on January 15th when it is released on Beatport via BigBeat Records. With a robotic vocal line, well spaced synth-work, and a sensational melody, ‘Intropial’ makes a great impression on what Walden has in store for 2012!

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